Keep your email performance in check with email monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your email activity to ensure optimal deliverability and engagement.
Stay Ahead of Potential Email Issues

Monitor engagement metrics

Keep track of your email open and click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and other engagement metrics to identify areas for improvement.

Analyze email deliverability

Use our email monitoring tools to analyze your email deliverability and reputation for better results.

Proactively detect and resolve issues

Get real-time alerts on bounce rates, spam complaints, or delivery failures, and take action to address issues promptly.

Customize your email monitoring settings

Tailor your monitoring settings to suit your needs, with flexible options for frequency, notification channels, and more.

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Optimization-focused features to enhance and refine your email sendings

Send Time OptimizationIncrease your open rates and click-through rates by automatically sending emails at the most effective times for your audiences.Explore Send Time Optimization
Email ValidationCheck validation and clean your email database before sending for optimal performance.Explore Email Validation